I have heard countless times this year that many entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and freelancers would like to hire their own boss. Huh? What exactly does that mean?

As I started the online research, I came across various firms that “pretend to be your boss”. You submit your To Do list to them (along with deadlines) and they will pursue you until the list is done. They will help avoid the downfalls of procrastination by enforcing accountability. Makes sense, right?

Maybe Not.

In fact, on one of these sites it even had FAQs that discussed how to handle false status reports. So… let me get this straight… Johnny Solopreneur hired Boss Pretender Company XYZ to be his fake boss and hold him accountable. He submitted his list of critical activities and their respective deadlines. Things were going along great, but then he started sending false updates, photoshopped progress meters (Yes, they actually included that in the FAQ too!), and still wasn’t producing. Perhaps it’s time to define, examine and address the real problem.

What could the Real Problem be?

I revisited some of the conversations in which individuals were wishing aloud for a Boss. Not one of them was looking for someone to stop them from procrastinating. In fact, they were overwhelmingly looking for someone with strong business acumen to run their operations, manage the daily minutiae, and ensure they were performing at optimal levels. Why?

Entrepreneurs want to be free to do the thing they love. Running a business and dealing with that back-end machine is not it!

Let’s consider a few work disciplines…

  • An Ophthalmologist is an expert in dealing with vision health and disease. They stay in tune with the most current healthcare solutions to give you the best chances of retaining or restoring your eyesight.

  • A School Teacher is trained to share knowledge in specific subject matters to the students they are responsible for. Through their lessons and curriculum, they provide valuable information that will deliver results throughout an individual’s entire life (Even if that value isn’t seen in the moment!).

  • A Hospital Administrator is charged with ensuring the business is being managed properly, is financially healthy, and is addressing the community’s needs for care.

  • An Esthetician has gone through rigorous training to help you look your best. They know skin care, they manage skin conditions, and know when it’s time to refer you to a medical specialist.

Should any of these individuals be experts in business operations? Even more importantly, do you want their attention divided that way?

Hiring a Boss versus Hiring an Assistant. Which is the right way to go?

Let’s dig a little deeper into that idea.

A Boss will be charged with evaluating and developing business strategy, implementing the right business support structure to grow, and keep everyone moving along the right path. They are the Directors.

An Assistant is the one charged with making the magic happen. They tackle the tactical work and get things done. Don’t count them out… they have to understand the strategy, and may provide valuable insight that will evolve the operations. However, their overall purpose is to be the Doer.

As you look ahead at your business goals, it’s important to identify which of these two roles you need at what point in time. Don’t be surprised when you find you need both! I know it sounds expensive, and your first thought might be “I can’t really afford this.” That might be true, but if you intend to build a long-lasting business that grows, my question is… Can You Afford Not To?

Want to explore this topic in more depth and determine which way you should go? Let’s chat!

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