About Our Name

We have been asked what Colibri Blue means, and how we came to choose it as our name. Here’s a little story…

Colibri is literally translated to mean hummingbird in many languages around the world: French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese just to name a few.

In 2006, shortly after moving to California, Virna developed an unlikely and unexpected friendship with a beautiful blue and green hummingbird. Every morning this little bird would fly towards her as she made her way to her car to start her daily commute. They would eye each other for a moment or two, and then the bird would fly back to the safety of the trees bordering the property. Every evening, this same little bird would fly back to her as she exited her car — almost as if to say “Welcome Home”. This went on for more than a year, until one very sad day the little hummingbird did not return. Since that first meeting, hummingbirds have held a very special place in her heart! She even named her first business, a gift boutique in East Sacramento, after her winged friend.

As we learned more about this bird, we discovered that there are also many symbolic meanings attached to the Colibri. They bring us some amazing life lessons and reminders that we weave into our consulting and coaching practices:

  • Enjoy life

  • Be more present

  • Be independent and free

  • Respond quickly

  • Be resilient

Join us in celebrating the hummingbird and adding a few of these practices into your daily lives.