Q: Why choose a full-time traditional job instead of a self-employment opportunity?

A: There could be many reasons – benefits, the company’s reputation, location, but most often… it’s Security.

Secure: to be free from risk or loss


Is that an accurate perception, though?

Let’s say you apply for a position with a 50-year old company that started in someone’s garage and has over 1,500 employees today. This seems like a safe bet, right? What are the Pros and Cons of making this decision?

Depending on your career aspirations and motivation, those potential cons might really be irrelevant. Well…. except maybe that slow financial growth bucket.

The thing is, we all would like stability in our lives. It can be stressful to have to constantly think about where your next check is coming from, or whether you have medical coverage that will help you address a condition.

How stable is stable?

Job Security is only partially accurate. The reality is that when you work for someone other than yourself, you depend upon them to find clients and keep the lights on. If we go back to that 50 year old company we were talking about earlier, we can reasonably expect that they are doing the right things to stay afloat and keep on moving forward. What we can’t expect is that we will always be needed on their team. Layoffs are more common than we might realize — especially as companies streamline their operations and seek to minimize their expenses.

Job layoffs hit 190,410 in the first quarter, a 35.6 percent increase over the previous year and the worst first quarter since 2009…


Ultimately, as you think about your job options, the most important things to consider are:

  • Your financial needs

  • Benefits that will support your life and health

  • Personal Fulfillment

  • What you will learn.

Armed with this information and perspective, would you still apply to work for the 50 year old company? Or, would you consider alternate opportunities, self employment, and even business ownership?

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